Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Field Methods publishes articles about methods used by field investigators from the social and behavioral sciences, the humanities, and corporate research for the collection, management, analysis and presentation of data about human thought and/or human behavior in the natural world. Articles should focus on innovations and issues in the methods used rather than on the substantive findings of research. High quality articles using qualitative and quantitative methods — from scientific or interpretive traditions — dealing with data collection and analysis in applied and basic research from writers in the social sciences, humanities, and related professions are all welcomed in the pages of the journal.

Articles are welcomed from academics, from private consultants, and from colleagues who work in applications environments.

Manuscript Preparation

Articles submitted to Field Methods should not exceed 8,000 words, including the space taken by notes, references, tables and graphics (allow about 100 words per inch for tables and graphs). Please write in the first person, exercise restraint in using the passive voice, and use as little jargon as possible.

Download the Endnote output style for Field Methods to ensure proper formatting of references.


The editor of Field Methods is H. Russell Bernard, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, University of Florida, Department of Anthropology Gainesville, FL 32611. Send manuscripts by e-mail to

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