Table of Contents — Volume 5

Issue 1, February 1993

Lists and FTPing: Communication in the Electronic Age. Dwight W.Read

Tagging and Tying: Notes on Codes in Anthropology. Gregory F. Truex

Searching the Literature 2. OCLC: An Essential Database for Anthropological Documentation. Fred Hay

Fastat 2.0 for DOS. Bryan T. Byrne

Hapax Legomenon II: Theory, a Thesaurus, and Word Frequency. Karen Ann Jehn and Oswald Werner

Using WordPerfect Macros to Handle Fieldnotes I: Coding. Gery Ryan

Simple Random Samples of Regional Populations. W. Penn Handwerker

Issue 2, June 1993

Exploring Ethnic Contact with Stories and Stereotypes: The Thematic Apperception Technique and the Adjective Checklist as Supporting Interview Tools. Barbara Tsatsoulis-Bonnekessen

ECOPOLY A Simulation Game.  Allen Johnson

Programming in WordPerfect to Aid in Text Analysis. David Koester and Matthew Thorn

Short Take 10: Semantic Accent and Folk Definitions. Oswald Werner

The VANNA System. Beverly Harrison

Using ETHNOGRAPH to Build a Survey Instrument. Stephen L. Schensul

Review of TALLY 3.0.  Robert T. Trotter

Issue 3, October 1993

Using ANTHROPAC 3.5  and a Spreadsheet to Compute a Free-List Salience Index. J. Jerome Smith

Creating Historical Time Series with Survey Data. W. Penn Handwerker

Short Take 11: Constructed Folk Definitions from Interviews. Oswald Werner

Using Styles in WordPerfect as Templates for Your Field Notes. Gery Ryan

A Beginning Guide to Expert Systems: 1. Knowledge Trees. Robert Benfer and  Louanna Furbee