Table of Contents — Volume 4

Issue 1, February 1992

Tozzer Library: How to Access the World’s Largest Anthropology Bibliography. Fred Hay

Seeking a Publisher: Field Methods for Getting Published. Mitchell Allen

Using Hand-Held Computers in Data Collection. Pertti Pelto

Three-Term Methods Sequence at Pitt. Paula Sabloff

Anthropology Grant Proposal Handbook.  Stuart Plattner

Issue 2, June 1992

Short Take 7: How to Record Activities.  Oswald Werner

Exploration of Mother’s Activities: A Multidimensional Scale. Cecilia C. Santos-Acuin and  Pertti J. Pelto

How to Use SAS to Study Egocentric Networks. Barry Wellman

Text Management Programs: Using GOfer.  H. Russell Bernard

Managing Bibliographies with BIB.  H. Russell Bernard

Issue 3, October 1992

Working with Words in WordPerfect: Creating Characters for Special Orthographies. Gery Ryan

Short Take 8: Hapax Legomenon: First Steps in Analyzing Your Interviews. Oswald Werner

Hook, Line, and Emptor: Preparing a Book Prospectus. Mitchell Allen

Research on Ethnographic Methods Welcomed. Stuart Plattner