Table of Contents — Volume 3

Issue 1, June 1991

About Text Management and Computers.  H. Russell Bernard

Can Expert Systems Really Help Us Model Decisions in the Field?: Testing Artificial Intelligence on Infantile Diarrhea Management. Gery Ryan

Sampling Experiments as Teaching Tools, Part II: Fishing Expeditions Usually Catch Suckers.  W. Penn Handwerker

Short Takes: Keeping Track of Your Interviews (Revisited). Oswald Werner

Issue 2, November 1991

Data Base Software and Data Sharing.  Douglas White

Managing Ethnographic Data with askSam. Robert A. Rubinstein

Dichotomous Scenarios as a Tool in Ethnographic Teaching and Research. Ric Thompson

Analysis of Home Garden Crops in Sri Lanka: A Practical Assessment Using ANTHROPAC. Heshan V. A. Wichramasuriya and Pertti Pelto