Table of Contents

Issue 1, May 1989

Great Moments in Methods. Reprint

World Cultures Journal. A review

Problems in Determining the Audience Composition of a MultiDay Festival from Survey Data.  John Gatewood,  Catherine Cameron, and Bennett Eisenberg

Short Takes: Keeping Track of Your Interviews 1. Oswald Werner

Help Wanted: College Student Surveys and the Desirability Effect. Jeffrey Hanson

Course Reviews in Research Methods. David Kronenfeld

An Integrated Methodology for Research with Urban American Indians. Van A. Reidhead

ANTHROPAC. Announcing a new program package

Text Handling Software: A Variety of Hypertexts. Douglas White

Issue 2, November 1989

The Spot Observation Technique in Time Allocation Research. Michael Baksh

Collecting Information on Infant Feeding Practices in Developing Countries: A Format for Recording Data in the Field. Dorothy S. Mull

Sampling and Samples An Update. Keith Otterbein

A Few Selected Excerpts from My Sri Lanka Fieldwork Diary 1969-1971. Dennis McGilvray

General Methods Bibliography

Short Takes: Keeping Track of Your Interviews II. Oswald Werner

Great Moments in Methods. Reprint

Coded Data Base Software.  Douglas White

Using  ANTHROPAC to Investigate a Cultural Domain. Steve Borgatti

A Model for Undergraduate Research Methods Training: Results of the Wupatki National Monument Summer Ethnographic Field School. Robert T. Trotter